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thing known about the spectacular fire ball that flew over this week is that it got everybody's attention. and scientists suggest that perhaps for that reason alone, it was a good thing. adults and children peered through scopes on the science building. the school's family science and astronomy festival was planned for sometime. a fire ball that roared over the bay area that slowed enough to increase chances that some of it may have survived the burn and made it to the ground. out looking for pieces says seth of the study institute. >> we don't know where it came from but if people can find a chunk then maybe we will. they have broken up from comet hallie. this particular rock the one that made the spectacular entry, we don't know where it came from. >> here to speak with the search for he life.
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he says there could be clues. >> 4.5 billion years ago many people won't remember back that far. but the solar system was being born. so if you study that stuff, very often you find organic molecules, other clues as to why life got started. >> the fire balm caught everyone's attention because of grand entrance. >> it's not related. as if you were having a big dinner party and this strange nonfamily member showed up just before things got underway. >> scientists out looking for parts aren't searching for knowledge but out looking for space rocks may have something else in mind. those are worth lots of money. >> all right. thank you so much. let's check in with roberta for the gazing conditions. can we see it? >> yes we can. away from the bay and away from the coastline. that will be your best viewing
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of this meteor shower. inland best because that's where we have the clear skies anticipated for the bulk of the overnight hours. you can see 20 meteors per hour beginning after midnight up until about sun up tomorrow. and this is again all because earth is passing through halley's comet dust. try to look to the south. again, the south. that's in the direction of san jose, morgan hill. that's where you'll see 20 meteors per hour. in the southern, we'd be able to see as many as 40. this shower does take place from october 15th to october 29th. but the best viewing happens to be overnight tonight, peaking at dawn tomorrow morning. >> thanks so much. the san mateo bridge is closed for seismic retro fitting and repairs. you are looking at a live picture at the bridge where the work began last night. in recent years become standard
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operating procedure to close bridges on weekends to do necessary repairs and upgrades. 12 thirty foot sections will be replaced. the work stems from a crack found in a major support gurder two years ago. >> was a part of the retro fit back in the late 90s. so we did a repair for that. did steal plates at the top and bottom. but knew we wanted more of an improvement. >> expected to open 5:00 a.m. monday morning. and shut down next weekend october 26th to the 29th. >> and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. one of the alternate routes to the san mateo bridge. it has been busy all day long and traffic is lighter. just an hour ago it was jammed. to avoid traffic messes getting around the closure this weekend, head to our web site click on current traffic conditions on
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the front page. the big game sparked quite a controversy this year. >> and we're underway. >> traditionally comes at the end of the season. but for the first time, the big game between the cal bears and cardinals was held in october. usually played around thanksgiving. stanford fans say what matters most is they beat their hated rival. >> october is pretty late anyways. they were talking about it late. it's great to have it every year. >> we were sad to leave the game early but know the bears fought hard. and all we can say is go bears! . >> the big game was pushed up because of the schedule for this year's pack 12 title game. the teams have been promised the big game will return as one of the final games next year. stanford keeps the ax with 21-3 win over cal. the highlights later in
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sports. we've already said this four times in the past two weeks. but once again, the giant's season is on the line. after beating st. louis last night, the team returns to at&t park tomorrow night for game 6. if they lose, their season is over. a win and the giants play a winner take all. the giants are 4-0 this season. >> governor jerry brown was in san francisco campaigning for tax initiative proposition 30. one of two competing tax measures on the ballot. ann shows us that's causing confusion among voter's intentions. >> you can tell how heated the debate is getting when just seconds into an interview with an opponents of prop 30 they were interrupted. >> there's a conspiracy theory you are trying to -- if the news
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wants to take your conspiracy theory and run with it. >> as the news, we are giving everybody seconds. >> this confrontation was outside of an event featuring governor jerry brown. >> just in case you don't know why i'm here, i want to make it real clear. >> prop 30 would bring californian estimated $6 billion a year by temporarily raising the income tax on the state's highest earners and sales tax by a quarter %. >> proposition 30 is about a lot of things. it's about kids, teachers, it's also about the credit rating in california. it's about social harmony. it's about hope. and it's about those who have been most blessed to have an opportunity to give something back. >> also warning in doesn't pass it would trigger $6 billion in automatic cuts. most of it to schools. >> our students already suffer from 4 years of cuts.
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that have already devastated public education. >> but opponents say the politicians are crying wolf. >> it's a big scam. they can go fix it. they could start by auditing every department. they are avoiding doing what's really necessary. which is a total overhaul. >> polls on prop 30 are very close right now. and one issue complicating the matter is prop 38 a competing tax measure on the ballot. >> there are two challenging for prop 30 and with time running out. >> you are making fools of yourselves butting in here. they are turning up the heat. in san francisco, cbs 5. >> the state's political watch dog commission says a donation to a san jose city council is illegal and must be returned. the $100,000 donation to the campaign came from a political action committee or pack controlled by mayor chuck reed.
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the police officer's association complained about donation to the california fair political practices commission. >> we've reissued the letter we sent a week ago calling for her to diseval the illegal transfer of money to a committee that's supporting re-election. today, they are out together coordinating campaigns, walking door to door. they continue to flop the law and needs to stop. >> the mayor reed says he did nothing wrong. only forbids transfer of funds from one candidate to another and he was not a candidate. this year's presidential campaign was a billion dollars. in seclusion preparing for next debate on monday. the vice presidential contenders were on the attack. >> i don't blame that baby for crying.
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that baby knows what's in store for him or her if romney wins. >> in florida the vice presidential pulled out greatest hits as he delivered a montage of campaign attacks. >> the president has a new term. he calls it romnesia. >> romney's investment history. >> a lot more than a swiss bank account and accounts in the grand kay men islands -- caymen islands. >> taken the lead in several national polls. has him up by 6. shows romney's support growing in swing states. >> pennsylvania you are going to help us elect mitt romney. the next president of the united states. >> romney is gaining ground. today vice presidential nominee paul ryan made one of his first stops in the state. campaign sources say they are considering
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spending money on television ads. later in the battleground state of ohio ryan helped his focus centered on the president's policies. >> this is not just about jobs. it's not just about debtor the economy. -- debt or the economy. it is about the meaning of america. . >> two weeks to go until election day, the biggest game changer could be what happens right here on monday night, the third and final debate. it's widely expected to be yet another monumental clash between the can datz. cbs news, florida. >> you can watch the final presidential debate live on monday right here on cbs 5 starting at 6:00 p.m. the topic will be foreign policy. it looked real but almost 40% are fake. how yel p is going under cover and make it easier for you to spot phoney
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reviews. deadly form of oral cancer and targeting younger woman. what is the new culprit. >> good evening everybody. clear skies right now for the light show overnight in the sky. but the clouds, the rain and when you should expect it as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw.
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for new restaurants to for w restaurants to try--- or a hotel. but it turns out, yelp has been the common guide when it comes to looking for a hotel. many online reviews that look real are fake.
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consumer watcher julie shows us how they are going under cover. >> reporter: how often do you use online reviews? >> everyday. >> all the time. >> do you trust those online reviews? >> um. >> um. >> everybody uses them but don't trust them. >> 4 out of 10 online reviews are phoney. >> i'd believe it. would not be surprised . >> well, in an effort to change that, yel p is going under cover. >> we saw ads on craigslist and others that were advertising, please write reviews and i'll pay you. >> in a sting operation, yelp employees responded to the ads that offered $200 in exchange for great reviews. instead of one of those, they got one of those. a consumer alert label that will remain on their page for 3 months with a link for evidence that they tried to find bogus reviews. >> moving companies, jeweler,
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tour company operator. >> and yes, at least one of the companies was a paid advertiser which got shaped with a label but lost its contract. automated filter weeds out the 20% of all reviews believed to be questionable. the new alert goes one step further. it sends a clear message to the businesses. >> that hey, trying to buy fake reviews isn't going to work. it's unethical and probably illegal. and let consumer know about it. >> no worries though. you can trust the forecasting 100% authentic. >> that's because we own our very own live high def doppler radar. this is it. we see that green on the screen. that's actually the radar. it's picking up ground clutter in the santa clara area. when you see off shore, that's a little bit of light condensation in the
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form of drizzle and mist. it is forming off shore. right now for the most part, we have clear skies. you have to love the embarcadero in orange for san francisco giants. the forecast still ahead. but right now we are in the 50s. winds are beginning to dull back out of the west at 12 miles per hour at sfo and san jose area. overnight tonight less wind but cloud cover at the coast and into the bay. 40s and 50s. we will see clouds gather and push inland in the overnight hours. this area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. it is beginning to sag in a southerly fashion. we have a series of unsettled days ahead as the area of high pressure gives way to that area of low pressure. that means rain, it's moving in. take a look at the clock. that is your monday morning commute. it's going to be a wet one. and very slippery and that front mrous through the
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-- plows through the bay area with winds up to 40 miles per hour out of the south and southwest. by monday night we should see nearly an inch of rain or three quarters of an inch of rain around napa and sonoma. this is going to come in a series of waves. the bulk of the energy monday morning tapering off during the day. second wave 10:00 monday night. less than a half an inch of rain for the most part around the peninsula. quarter of an inch in the south bay. mountains still up for grabs. how does this affect the raider's game tomorrow? it really doesn't. mostly cloudy at 70 degrees for football action. but it does affect the sierra forecast. rain showers possible tomorrow turning into winter storm watch on monday. a foot of snow above 6,000 feet tomorrow with mostly
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cloudy skies. numbers are going down in comparison to today. look at the string of 60s. 60s approaching 70 from belmont through south san francisco. nearly 70 morgan hill. east of the bay, warmest temperatures into the low 70s. but meanwhile, today 79 in santa rosa. you'll feel the difference at 68 around the central bay. highs in the mid and upper 60s. okay, here you go. extended forecast. we have that cold front plowing through on monday. scattered shower on wednesday before we dry out as we swing towards the end of next week. we're looking into next week. but i couldn't forget this. on the mound for the good guys. temperatures 63. does turn a bit on the windy side during the game and the temperature tumbles into the 50s. go giants! >> hopefully they'll be in the
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zone and won't phase them at all. >> keep clapping to stay warm. >> thank you much. every hour of everyday sometime in the u.s. dies from oral cancer. the culprit is hpv virus. dr. kim explains. >> three women met today. >> look at that smile. >> to remember a friend me loved and lost. >> the healthiest person i knew. >> she chose to live well. she had that love inside her. and that inner strength . >> her name, andrea fisher. at age 25 a few months before she got married, she noticed a sore in her mouth that wouldn't go away. the diagnosis? oral cancer. >> you never felt she was struggling with anything. always there to give you a smile and support and hug. >> she underwent treatment. had three children but the cancer kept coming back. >> a lot of surgeries and that part is so tough for a mom who
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is so incredibly strong and healthy and athletic. >> at 42 andrea died. heavy drinkers and smoker s are at high risk. but she was neither. doctors believe her oral cancer was caused by phv. the same virus linked to cervical cancer in women. >> these are starting to show up to women in 30s and 40s and lived healthy lifestyles. they exercise and don't use anything that are considered toxic to their bodies. >> head surgeon at stanford. in the next several years , doctors will see more hpv linked cancers. and early detection is key. >> have a much better prognosis. >> her family believes in addition to screening, prevention is key. lisa agrees. saying if her friend had been vaccinated she might be alive
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today. >> too late to prevent it for our generation but not for the next. >> cbs 5. ,,,,
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60th anniversary.
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one of the most beloved children's books is celebrating 60th anniversary. classic charlotte's we has sold millions of copies. friendship between charlotte and wilbur. on an actual sickly pig from his farm in maine. everything he could to save the fly. worked with son. nothing worked. the pig dies and he's much more sad than he ought to have been. and it stays in his mind. even if charlotte saved the pig's life, why allow charlotte to die. so moved when he recorded the audio book 20 years after the book was published that it took him 17 takes to read about charlotte's death without breaking down. milestone today for a group of boy scouts in portland ,
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maine. 1,000 pumpkins in less than an hour. retreat to help children with life threatening illnesses. their goal is to raise about $6,000 from the event. no word yet if they reached their goal. but all the hard work will be displayed at a mall for the next couple days. >> just ahead, the red sox have a new skipper. huge news in the swimming world. and you know, we'll talk about the big game. break it down. it's all in a minute. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll. on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ five time olympic medallist missy franklin has committed to swim for cal. the red sox are bringing in john ferrell.
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examined by a doctor in los angeles. let's break it down for you. here's how stanford retained the act. weaving through for the touchdown. 189 yards a career high. all the points came in the first half. 14-3. they start to slowly put it away. offense held at 3 yards rushing. only had the ball 23 minutes. zach would be picked by wayne lions. maynard and the bears go away empty. 21 -3. the a's trading infielder to the diamond backs. shortstop. five years with the club and returned the a's are going to get chris young from arizona. low for average but as you can see tremendous pop. grounded out field for oakland. more moves could be on the way.
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but yes, missy franklin, five medals. four of them gold. sets an olympic record. she is going to bring a huge cash a to cal. >> all right. that's it for us. see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. good night. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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